Paid teaching abroad in paradise locations

Jessika's Story

"This program has entirely changed my life. I am forever grateful to TEFL Heaven for setting me up with fantastic friends, a perfect school and opening the door to future teaching abroad programs anywhere in the world!"
-Jessika Horak, Thailand.

How It Works. How to teach English abroad through TEFL Heaven. 1. Select your dream destination. We recruit people to countries in Asia and Latin America. Our speciality is recruiting people to paradise locations around the globe. 2. Get face-to-face training in TEFL at your dream location. Spend your first few weeks in the new country studying TEFL, making friends with like-minded people and enjoying city or beach life. We break you in gently to the new country. Promise. 3. Get a guaranteed paid teaching job in your dream location. Start earning cash as you travel and explore the world. You are only young once so live it up while you can. Be grateful for the education you received by giving back. Escape the rat race and do something noble with your life - teach English abroad.

What We Do

Experience teaching abroad through TEFL Heaven! We offer TEFL courses abroad and paid teaching abroad as standard packages. Get paid to teach abroad in Asia or Latin America, gain a TEFL qualification and make friends with like-minded people in the process!

Why We Do It – Changing Lives Through Work and Life Experiences

Teaching English overseas isn’t for everyone, but is perfect for those more adventurous people who want a completely different experience and a break from the norm. Our paid teaching abroad programs change lives and we are proud of that.

We are more focused on developing young people and giving them opportunities to earn money – this is why you will not find any volunteer programs on this website – all teach abroad programs include paid teaching abroad jobs as a guarantee!

Our Teach English Abroad Programs

You need appropriate TEFL training before you can teach overseas. That’s why all our teach English abroad programs come with at least¬†2 weeks of face-to-face TEFL training in-country before you start working. We try to provide this training in paradise locations so that you can enjoy the best parts of the country in your first few weeks of being overseas.

Why People Like Us

We love people. We try our very best to make these experiences abroad great for all who come on our teaching programs.

People like us because we are personable. We want to help. We are honest and fair. When a company and its staff rest on good and fair principles then they are trusted – our reviews speak for themselves! Each year more than 30% of all bookings are from word of mouth because people love to talk about us and their experience teaching English abroad.